No matter what your trade or craft a good foundation is imperative.  The EGTI staff has been training using this perspective for thirty nine years.  We believe you have to ask each horse what their problems are treating every horse as an individual.  Instrumentation is then selected based on the individual needs of the horse and practitioner.  It is the same with people.  All are individuals with individual needs. 

Simple is usually best and often when things are not going right a good policy is to take something away.  In other words use less, such as less pressure, less pain, less equipment, less instrumentation.


We attempt to teach using harmonious simple methods that emphasize getting along with each individual horse.  Applying proper fundamental gnathological methodology through frequent visits always yields enhanced results.  Enhanced results are reflected in less pain, improved condition and better performance.


All methods of prophylaxis and equilibration taught at EGTI are time tested and proven.  We use no more control over the horse than needed to accomplish any given task putting the horses best interest first and foremost.


We teach anatomy, biomechanical theory and physiology from a neuromuscular gnathological perspective.  Our goal is to enhance the processes of deglutition (mastication and comminution) and performance.  We do this for the most part with hand and power floats and sedate horses when necessary.  Any handy sort of person that gets along with horses will usually be doing a fair job of maintaining teeth by the end of the second week.  We also teach all aspects of power instrumentation and have a veterinarian on staff to sedate horses when needed.  We teach six levels of the trade with our 600 level courses being the most advanced.  There are 50 - 75 head of horses to work on during our second week hands on session with plenty of advanced cases.  


Our downtown Glenns Ferry based classroom and our King Hill, Medicine Wheel Ranch based facility allows us to train small groups using more varied methods than most schools and the country environment suits students and horses during the practical portion of our sessions.   We have a large owner client base that is knowledgeable and familiar with our ability to help their horses.  Our many happy customers are the result of years of good work, wise choices and exemplary behavior.

The greatest gift you can give a critter or human is the gift of a good example.


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