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World Wide Equine, Inc. is an Idaho based business specializing in the fields of Equine Gnathology and Dentistry. World Wide Equine, Inc. is not affiliated in any manner with World Wide Equine (UK) Limited. We are a manufacturer of nearly three hundred different Equine Gnathological and Dental Instruments. These instruments are designed by Master Practitioners and Master Instrument Makers to provide high quality equilibration and prophylaxis for the horse with the least stress possible. Our mission is to help the horse through interested, educated, properly trained people using the highest quality instruments available in the world today. We will do our best to listen to your needs, as well as the horse's needs and attempt to fill them.

Thanks to World Wide Equine, EGTI has one of the largest assortments of instrumentation in the World giving each prospective practitioner the opportunity to make selections based on their individual needs.  Dale and Lloyd Jeffrey own World Wide Equine, Inc., a family owned and operated equine gnathological and dental instrument manufacturing business based in Glenns Ferry, Idaho, about two miles from the ranch based school.  The business manufactures and markets over three hundred different items for the equine gnathological trade.  It also houses an equine gnathological and dental museum featuring bits, old literature, and instrumentarium. 

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Equine Gnathological Training Institute, Inc.
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